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Featuring the Art of:


Tina Alvarez, Karen Arzamendi, Linka Behn, Gwen Bell, Johnathan Bohmier, Kathryn Boulet, 

Aurora Cabrera, Magi Calhoun, Linda Chidsey,Jim Clement, Paula Collins, Mokey Davidson, 

Sharon Dawson, Barbara Halbert, Eric Hansen, Joyce Hazlerig, Nicola Hinton, Carmen Houser,

Kristie Hunger, Robin Huttash,  Jennifer Jones, Terry Karloff,   Paul Keithley, Lisette Lebaillif,

Hannah LeGrand, Holly Lemay, Rhonda Love, Mary Maher, Paul  Matthaus, Cathy Mitchell,  

Dennis Mitchell,  Teri Muse,  Crystal Nelson, Greta Perea, Joanna Powell,  Josh Rackley,

Ethan Ramirez, Natalie Riegelman, Angel Rogers, Alex Smith, Curtis Smith, Deanna Wood,

Scott Wright  



Fused Glass by Robin Huttash    Pottery by Mokey Davidson  Watercolors: Mary Maher

General information about Artists:

43 artists

The Gallery includes paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, and also featuring stained glass, fused glass, mosaic glass, blown glass, photography, pottery, wood and clay sculpture, jewelry, ceramics

All Texas artists with Most Artists local Denton residents


General Information about A Creative Art STUDIO

A Creative Art STUDIO opened mid November, 2009.  Robin Huttash previously worked out of her home studio and exhibited  artwork in galleries or at Art Festivals. Robin, stained glass artist and painter, decided to open a studio just off the square in Denton, Texas on Oak Street so that she could create art and sell her work and the work of others. The response to the studio has been great and since the last art show in December, the number of artists represented has doubled. A working stained glass studio is located in the historic brick building and at any time you might be able to watch the next project being created.  The Studio offers classes in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor, watercolor batik, drawing, stained glass, mosaic, beading, writing workshop, leaded glass and fused glass. She is looking forward to adding jewelry classes and working with clay. Currently, stained glass supplies and tools can be purchased at the studio, and  soon some basic art supplies such as paints, brushes, and canvases will be added.   Live music is part of the special events in the studio whenever possible such as during NX35, First Fridays Denton, and openings. 

Robin's Bio

 Robin Huttash

Robin is an artist and craftsperson devoted to creating art that is both functional and beautiful and believes that art is anything that expresses the emotion or beauty of life. She is passionate about glass, and has been working with anything “glass” for about 30 years.
Her introduction to glass began with an apprenticeship at a stained glass studio in Denton where she learned the basics of working with stained glass and also has studied enameling at University of North Texas under Harlan Butt. She has taught stained glass classes in both Tiffany and Leaded stained glass, fused glass and glass mosaics through mini courses at University of North Texas. Inspired by the beauty of nature and the symbolism involved in the Celtic culture, those themes are present in many of her creations. Her goal is simply to create a piece of art that she enjoys and hope that others will enjoy as well.

Recently beginning the journey of working with canvas and paint, 
Robin comments that her philosophy of art has changed somewhat since she began painting. “While I have always looked at stained glass as a very precise, exact art, painting is a medium which is very liberating. It will be interesting to see how this liberating feeling affects my glasswork and how the two mediums can be combined.” Opening the studio on Oak street has been a life long dream and an opportunity to have an art community. Moving her home business Glass Garden Studio to a more public venue is a positive change. “Sometimes art can be a solitary career and the new studio setting provides the opportunity to meet with other artists and share ideas, techniques and the love for art.” 



                 painting by Mary Maher          Art by Scott Wright