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Angel Rogers

Art is more than a paint stroke, a musical note, stones and beads put in a pattern or a pretty piece of glass;  it is the expression of each person's being. Who we are and what  awakens our passions in life mold us into an artist; our own unique self-expression.

Angel Rogers has always been moved by true talent. A melodious voice, a painting that touches a memory or a heart, an object to gaze at and wonder at the beauty inside. These reflect the grace and hope that is in us all, reaching out to share with others and carry them away to a more appreciative place.

Angel was born and raised in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has lived in a handful of other states, currently in Denton, TX. She has been married for almost 14 years and has 5 beautiful and talented children. Angel has become serious about capturing images and playing with light only this past year and aims to improve upon her own expression and talent. She shoots with a Nikon D50 and has 4 lens that she alternatively uses.  There have been  seasons in her life that have truly opened her eyes to this world we live in and she hopes to share with others, through her photography, the many different experiences life has to offer.

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