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Jennifer Leigh Jones

 My latest series of work revolves around memories of my family and of the loss of my father to suicide in 2004. Each piece is an exploration which serves as an outlet, enabling me to express my thoughts and emotions about my experiences following my father’s death.  This process has proved to be a catalyst and has opened up my art to several other memories from my childhood.

I use a range of different materials on each piece to delineate the objects from one another as well as time and place. Some images that are charcoal and gesso stand out more and, in turn, make the delicate pencil drawings seem ghostly quiet.

 Rather than give a direct narrative in my work, I leave subtle hints of how one might interpret the imagery I use. I try to leave open questions for the viewer. Even though there is a serious and specific story line in my work, I’m not extremely interested in the viewer being able to connect the dots. I feel that because my work is deeply personal it needs to not only engage my history, but to stand-alone and speak for itself visually. Knowledge of the story behind my work may be helpful, but having that knowledge isn’t necessary for the viewer to experience the variety of emotions that fuel an individual piece.


Using my life as the source for my art has gifted me both the creativity and the passion to explore it, despite the pain I went through living it. My father’s suicide was not my choice, but expressing the emotions I have felt is a way for me to channel my energies in a positive way. I feel that within my work I have found a calm eye in the chaotic storm and each piece embodies both the pain of my experiences and the tranquil, reflective place that can be found in the aftermath of struggle.

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