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Joanna Powell


The focus of my work has been the creation of pieces that are beautiful and fun, with an informal use of material, pattern and color. I am a collector of objects and ideas that manifest themselves in a need to create pieces that evoke a playful nostalgic feeling within the viewer. Memories of objects are important to me and are incorporated into the pieces, like the curve of the outer edge of an old umbrella or the fluffiness of a cloud.  I picture my work in an imaginary landscape--quiet, picturesque and ideal. Pastries and sweets are an inspiration for form and function as well.  Color and form are inseparable, influencing each other throughout the process.  I am interested in how the eye perceives color and its ability to provoke emotion. My glazes are layered to create a sense of depth in the surface, using color to invite touch from the viewer.  To me, making pots is about excitement, humor, and whimsy.  When working I care for each piece, encouraging them to be great.  Clay is a technical yet intuitive medium and the work comes from within.  My forms are created through evolution and not forced into being.    -Joanna Powell  

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