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Paul Lehrer

 Mr. Lehrer has been involved in fine arts, illustration, and graphic design for many years.  His works have appeared in editions from Prentice Hall, the University of New Mexico Press, and in private galleries and businesses in Texas and throughout the Southwest.  His work for the City of Denton earned him several awards.  His formal training in art includes the Bemis School of Art associated with the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center in addition to high school activities.  He has independently studied with Starr Kempf and Jack Frost in Colorado Springs.  He was later in the art program at Western State College in Colorado and at the University of New Mexico in drawing and print making with independent study of lithography at the Tamarind Institute at UNM.

"I have always found ways to apply my creativity to whatever interesting work I chose to do.  A few among my favorites are designing decorative lighting, using a computer to display information on the internet to end users who study the graphic output of my precise organization of space and data - to making marks with a grease pencil on a slab of limestone"   "There is art in everything we do.  It lends itself well to our daily lives as it should."  Paul Lehrer


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